Joining AcadeMiA and Industry Contributions to testing Automation (JAMAICA)

The QuoMBaT workshop has been merged with JAMAICA, which will host the presentation of the papers accepted at QuoMBaT.


  • Gabriella Carrozza (Finmeccanica)
  • Roberto Pietrantuono (Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II)
  • Vittorio Manetti (Finmeccanica)


In industrial software systems, testing activities account by now for more than 50% of total development effort. People strive to find solutions able to reduce such cost without compromising the final quality. A key role in this scenario is played by all those solutions pushing industry toward test automation. Although the importance of test automation is well-recognized, and the benefits it can bring to companies is a matter of fact, interactions between academia and industry are still very poor. On one hand, there are several theoretically sound solutions that however remain unapplied in real industrial settings; on the other hand, practitioners from industry do not take the risk of investing on new paradigms, methodologies, techniques and tools if they cannot feel immediate returns on business, time saving and company market advantage..

In such a vicious cycle, the JAMAICA workshop intends to foster the discussion on the current practices for automating testing activities in industry, so as to bring the attention of the community on the impact that such practices may have on the overall cost/quality trade-off and on the development cycle.

Methodological, technical, and practical solutions, tools and platforms for supporting automation, as well as concrete experiences and case-study in modern software systems will be presented and discussed, regarding all the type of test automation activities, including code-driven testing, model-based and model-driven testing, regression testing automation, prioritazation, oracle automation, and all practices, at several levels (unit, integration, system testing level, as well as at process level), oriented toward the minimization of manual error-prone activities in test cases generation and execution.


Room A12 on the 1st floor of the Red Building.


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